Digital Course: How to Use Market Stats in Your Business

Learn how to use data within your business to increase your conversion rate, stand out in the crowd, and guide your clients to take confident action. πŸ˜„

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Who's this course for:

  • Realtors looking to become more effective and grow their business. πŸ’ͺπŸ“ˆ The principles apply outside Realtors, but all examples and lessons are designed for Realtors. Some content applies specifically to tools available to Realtors in Florida/NEFAR that may not be available outsides these areas.
  • No finance degree required! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ This course is made to be easy-to-understand and does not require complex math. The most you'll have to do is simple arithmetic. 

Who's this course is NOT for:

  • Realtors uninterested in numbers and growth. If you can't stand numbers and like things the way they are, this course would be one to skip.

What's Included:

  • πŸ“Ί 6 video lessons with instant access inside of your online member's area.
  • πŸ“ Companion PDF guidebook so you can follow along and take notes as you go
  • 🎁 2 BONUS Lessons covering direct implementation of 4 numbers every Realtor needs to use in their business
  • ♾️ Lifetime Access to the course so you can revisit as much as you'd like
  • ⏰ 1 Hour, 8 minutes, and 2 seconds of material that allows you to pick up where you left off

What you'll Learn:

  • What data is and why it's important to use within your business
  • Specifics on what to say when asked "how's the market?"
  • How consumers make decisions and how data fits at each state of the process
  • A framework for moving clients through the buying/selling process
  • How to guide your clients through the process so that you're set up for referrals and repeat clients
  • Where to find resources that provide data to use within your business
  • How to pull your own stats to use with buyers and sellers to increase your conversion rate

How you'll benefit:

  • Stand out of the crowd of Realtors
  • Boost your confidence when talking to clients
  • Raise your price points by speaking the same language as luxury clients
  • Increase your conversion rate by handling objections successfully
  • Generate more business through more powerful conversations
  • Strengthen your buyer and seller consultations to win more opportunities
  • Gain more control of the transaction by using objective data

Realtor Results:

What People Are Saying:

The information provided was not only insightful, but incredibly applicable to day-to-day business. I absolutely recommend this course for any Realtor seeking to become more data-driven!

Meredith Rowe

Great class full of helpful, concise, and actionable tips. Every agent should attend this class!

Alice Toy

This Market Stats Class from Market Distillery was absolutely leveled up how I can communicate market stats to clients.

Caroline Knight

This class was absolutely invaluable! Very informative about using market data. I love how it’s so simplified!!!! Thank you so much!

Lindsy Norse

Whether you are a realtor or a LO you need this class! I have learned a lot more than I expected and the bar was set pretty high already.

Alex Testa

As a new realtor, all of this information was extremely helpful. I am positive I will be more confident with my next conversation or listing/selling presentation.

Jules Kilker

Can’t wait to create my selling system and feel more confident using scientific and specific data-driven advertising in my business!

Kelly Currie

Fantastic info! In a market that is constantly shifting, knowing the facts and data is so important! Thanks Alex for making me a more educated realtor by improving my confidence for understanding and delivering market trends to my buyers and sellers!

Allison Chance

Data-based agents leave no room for interpretation or intuition leading to data-based decisions. Empowering people to take the appropriate actions. If you want to become a data based agent start here.

Alan Johnson

Great instruction on using market data. Alex broke it down so well and made it less intimidating with the understanding that we don’t have to know all of the stats. We need to master a few and be comfortable sharing them.

Tina Harp

Very easy to understand and will make you feel confident in incorporating market stats into your everyday communication with clients.

Lauren Vincent

Data drives decisions. If you want to be the local expert your community can trust then you need to stay up to date with market stats and be able to explain them in simple terms. This is the training to help get you started.

Richard McDill

$99.00 USD