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You'll find a breakdown of the membership options below. Active, licensed Realtors gain access to discounted memberships through our association with the MLS. Also, if you want to get an even better deal, join with the Team or Brokerage options where we will customize a plan given on your size. 

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Rather than guessing or sending a generic national statistic, use resources crafted to explain the local market and answer your clients' most common questions.

What Agents Are Saying:

Kristan Malin, Listin' With Kristan

I attended the last Market Distillery market update and found the presentation to be timely, powerful and informative.  The data that we receive via MLS focuses on home sales only.  The Market Distillery included important economic trends combined with housing trends.  This combination of information is very important to know and understand if you want to be considered as a professional, knowledgeable Realtor, especially in the luxury arena.