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Jacksonville Real Estate Market Update | October 2022

jacksonville monthly update Nov 09, 2022

As the days get shorter, we head into the late fall/winter season of real estate. In Jacksonville, that usually means fewer homes on the market and less activity as families hunker down for the holidays.

Also, we're getting to see the results of the last few days of the September getting pushed into October and so far, so good. It would have been concerning to see sales dip in October given the month should have gotten a boost from closings delayed from Hurricane Ian. Instead, we saw the market pick up a bit as buyers and sellers work to find win-win deals.

Some main points from the update include:

  • Closings up 12% from last month
  • Listings holding steady at 7,000
  • Average price was up 5% compared to last month
  • Homes are sitting a little longer as days on market was up to 44

We'll be releasing more information on our premium membership that is planned to be live at the start of the year and if you have questions about anything, please leave a comment or let me know! Also, be sure to follow us on instagram.

Have a great day and we'll see you after Thanksgiving!



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