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The Big Question: Should You Buy Real Estate At The Top?

home prices marketpulse 360 mindset May 05, 2024

The ideas in this week's letter are from my brand new MarketPulse 360.

One of my main purposes with this presentation is to help us look at the market from different perspectives.

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change."
- Wayne Dyer

By the way, here are the ways to come see the full presentation live:

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Now, onto a BIG idea..


Should you buy at the top?

With home prices at or near all-time highs, a lot of people are worried about buying at the top of the market (a valid concern). 😰

It feels wrong given the age-old advice: buy low, sell high.

But everything changes depending on what prices do in the future.

If prices keep going up, what used to be the top is now considered a low price. πŸ’‘

Just ask anyone who bought in 2020 as we were just getting back to the high prices from 2007.

Here are the stats on the topic:

Going back 45 years in Jacksonville we find that prices are within 10% of that timeframe's top 87% of the time (green portion of the line).

In other words, the green line shows that we're very near all-time high's for most of the history of the real estate market. 😳

The other 13% of the time, prices were lower due to the 2008 financial crisis (red portion of the line).

This concept applies to most markets around the country as well.

The truth is real estate prices tend to go up and are almost always near the top (at that point In time). 🀯

It's probably something you haven't thought about before, but when you realize it, suddenly, buying at the top doesn't seem as rare or risky.


Finding Opportunity

We have to ask ourselves a question: do we anticipate prices will continue to rise? πŸ€”

If so, then buying at the top shouldn't be that concerning.

To that end, consider these trends:

Put it all together and you get a recipe for higher prices - especially in Florida real estate.

Most people predicting doom for the housing market (to get views πŸ‘€) cite the rising inventory as the primary concern.

They're focusing on how much higher everything is since 2022.

βœ… When it doubt, zoom out.

You'll see we're currently normalizing back to pre-pandemic levels and are far from crash-type inventory.

Cant wait to see everyone in person at the upcoming events! πŸš€

Dr. Alex Stewart


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