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Future-Proof Your Business: The Real Estate Agent of the Future

business strategy content creation inbound leads real estate agent realtor Feb 04, 2024
Real estate agent of the future

These can be challenging times for real estate professionals. 🥵

There's a lot of real estate agents (over 1.5M members of NAR and over 12,000 locally here in Jax). 

Research shows that using a real estate agent isn't always worth the cost. 🫣

And there are massive lawsuits threatening the entire industry.

While there's a lot of legal things happening there, one thing is clear to me:

We have to level up the value we provide to our clients to win moving forward. 💪

The real estate agent of the future must evolve past the real estate agent of the past.

In fact, the two might not even resemble each other...😬


Future-Proof Your Business

Let me start by saying that the old ways do still work. 

You can cold call, door knock, and buy leads to run a real estate business.

If I had to guess, those aren't the strategies that appeal to most Realtors and they may have a limited shelf life as client preferences change along with the industry norms.

Also, those strategies are difficult and feel icky because you're reaching out to people you don't know and who don't trust you. 🤢

On top of that, it can be a constant battle to keep things together even if they say "yes" initially.

Instead, the modern real estate professional should focus on creating an inbound strategy.

This means that instead of finding the people who want to buy or sell, the people interested flow to you. 🤩


Finding Opportunity  

It won't happen overnight, but you can transition to this strategy by following 3 simple steps:

  1. 🎯 Pick a target market. Geographically, pick a neighborhood or part of town you will become the top expert in. 
  2. 🧠 Continually educate yourself.  Learn about that market, the people in it, and your profession.
  3. 💬 Share valuable content about that target market. This starts on social media and turns into articles on your website, videos on the neighborhood facebook page, and in-person content at local events.

The top Realtors are already doing this.

✅ They're known as absolute experts in their area.

✅ They're highlighting the local businesses and getting to know the owners.

✅ They're "in the know" of what's coming in the future.

📊 And they know their market stats and trends so they can provide actual advice backed by objective facts to their clients.

Get big by narrowing your focus and establishing a competitive advantage that will generate referrals and have clients contacting to you.

I know you can do it. Take the first step and reply back with your target market to get the ball rolling! 🚀

Dr. Alex Stewart


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